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RSE Workshops

Our Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) workshops have been designed in line with the Department for Education guidelines (2019-2020) and they have the support of Cambridgeshire’s PSHE Team.

We're currently giving our services and pricing a fresh look to make sure we're offering you the absolute best.

While we're working behind the scenes, you can still buy our lessons or we can still deliver workshops for you.


If you’d like to make a booking or you have any you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to Louisa at

Our RSE Topics

Year 7

• What is a Relationship?

• Different Types of Families

• Power Dynamics and Grooming

• Practising Consent

• Staying Safe Online

• Body Image

• Puberty

• Anatomy and Sex

Year 8


• Staying Safe Online

• Unpicking Gender

• Breaking Up and Making Up (Friendships)

Year 9

• What is Intimacy?
• Sexual Consent
• Contraception
• STIs
• Negotiating Condom Use
• Are You Ready?
• Sexual Violence 
• Coercion and Control
• Breaking Up and Making Up (Relationships)
• Gender Identity
• Online Relationships
• Pornography

Year 10

• Sexual Stereotypes
• Sexual Rights and Responsibilities
• Anatomy Revisited
• Contraception and STIs Revisited
• Body Image
• Pornography and Ethics

Year 11

• Consent Revisited
• Analysing Risk
• Pornography Revisited
• Sexual Aftercare
• Am I Normal?

Participants aged 16+ can also access our Relationships and Sex Trainings.

Meet the Team

Louisa Perry

RSE Coordinator

Louisa Perry

07957 656929

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