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Our Mission

To provide high quality sexual health and HIV support, education, and information for all. We are inclusive, caring, non-judgmental and committed to upholding our organisations' values. Through service user involvement, campaigns, and collaboration we challenge stigma, prejudice and inequalities.

Our Values

Empowerment: We do not tell people what to do but support them in the choices they make. It is important that we give people the range of choices and options available to them so they can make their own informed decisions. This ensures that they receive the best possible treatment, support, and care in order to maximise their health and wellbeing.


Confidentiality: Maintaining service user confidentiality is a core value of DHIVERSE. It is our responsibility to ensure service user information is held securely and not disclosed without written permission unless the service user is at risk or is a risk to someone else. We understand unequivocally the need for confidentiality and in some exceptional cases anonymity.


Respect: We respect that not everyone wants to be supported or given information in the same way. We treat every person as the individual they are. We support, respect and value each other, work without prejudice, inequality or judgement and we promote diversity. We are professional and united in our vision and aims.


Quality: We aim to provide the highest quality of service possible. Our service users are the focus of what we do, and we want to provide a good and positive experience for all. Our staff are fully trained in all aspects of their work and receive regular supervision and support to ensure they have the most up to date skills, knowledge, and experience to deliver the services we provide. We seek and welcome all feedback from anyone involved with us. This feedback helps inform and shape improvements and developments within our provision.


Fun: We embrace individuality, encourage creativity, and create opportunities for voluntary sector work to be exciting and meaningful. Engaging our team, our service users, and the people we work with in activities that strengthen positive relationships is important to us. We maintain a healthy perspective on work/life balance and inject fun, spontaneity and humour into our working day.


Flexibility: Being progressive, innovative, using new technology and always learning and adapting, is what we aim for.

Equality Pledge

“We believe in the dignity of all people and their right to respect and equality of opportunity. We value the strength that comes with difference and the positive contribution that diversity brings to our community. Our aspiration is for Cambridge and the wider region to be safe, welcoming and inclusive."


We have signed the Equality Pledge with Cambridge City Council. Please click here to see our pledge and who else has signed the pledge.



Dhiverse is governed by a Board of Trustees who come from a variety of backgrounds, united by their wish to both promote the importance of good sexual health and healthy sexual relationships, to support people with HIV and anyone needing support around sexual health and to work to stop HIV. The Board currently has 5 members.

Being a Trustee is a voluntary role. The Trustees have the ultimate responsibility for the long-term well-being of the charity and act as guardians of its assets. They must ensure that the organisation has a clear strategic direction, is properly managed and operates to high standards of governance.

The Board meets for formal Board meetings at least four times each year. The meetings are generally held on an evening mid-week to enable Trustees who work, to attend meetings. Trustees also participate in events outside of formal Board meetings. The time commitment varies according to the role the Trustee holds and the time they have available but is an average of a few hours each quarter.

As Dhiverse (Dhiverse is the working name of the Dales Trust) is both a registered charity in England and Wales and a company incorporated in England, Trustees are also directors and have to be registered with both the Charities Commission and Companies House.

The work of a Trustee can be very rewarding and enjoyable. It requires good judgement, a commitment to the charity’s mission and the ability to work as part of a team with diverse skills and background.

To become a Trustee you must be nominated by a Board member with a second Board member supporting the nomination.

To find out more please contact:

Sharron Spindler on 01223 508805 or


Board of Trustees (September 2023)

Gaby Clements

Secondary School Teacher

Gaby Clements (Chair)

Susan Walker

University Lecturer

Dr Susan Walker

Hannah Schober

NHS Primary Care Support Manager

Hannah Schober

Dr Andrew Carmichael

NHS Consultant Physician

Dr Andrew Carmichael

Professor Jefrrey Grierson

Retired Professor of Health and Social Care

Professor Jeffrey Grierson

Rian Perry.JPG

Social Worker - Sexual Behaviour Service

Rian Perry

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