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Understanding SLIP (Sex, the Law, Internet & Pornography)

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​Understanding SLIP (Sex, the Law, Internet, & Pornography) is a workshop designed to support parents/carers, and/or professionals in navigating conversations about relationships and sex with young people. If you are concerned that a child or teenager could be exposed to risky sexual behaviours* - online or face to face - then this workshop could provide the support you are looking for to help them understand the consequences of these behaviours and to help prevent them from engaging.  This course also explains the criteria for accessing the SLIP programme and how you can make a referral if this is something the young person is interested in.  ​ ​This online self-guided training is free for those in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. We are not funded to provide this training out of county so we would really appreciate it if you could make a small donation to Dhiverse for doing the training. Suggested donation of £5 but we’ll leave it up to you to donate as much as you think the session is worth! Donate at *Risky behaviours include sending or viewing inappropriate and/or explicit images and content and inappropriate behaviours with or towards other people.

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