Supported Housing Projects, Youth Groups & Other Non-Academic Settings

Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) is essential for young people to make responsible well informed decisions about their lives. The objective of SRE is to help and support young people through their physical, emotional and moral development, to live confident, healthy and independent lives.

We recognize that not all young people get the SRE they need at school and that some young people have reasons for not engaging in SRE when at school. In view of this we believe that because SRE is lifelong learning, young people should have the opportunity to be informed and supported around sex and relationships in other settings, which are perhaps more informal and relaxed than a classroom setting.

We can provide workshops; click for more information, informal drop-ins and one to one support. We can deliver in your setting or in our centre in Cambridge.

All workshops, drop-ins and one to one support are offered to young people age 11 to 25 and designed to be age appropriate.

We can also offer appropriate support for anyone who has a learning disability. Please go to for more information.

TO FIND OUT MORE OR TO MAKE A BOOKING PLEASE CONTACT: Young People’s Team at or on 01223 508805.