Sexting is when you send nudes/sexual photos or videos to someone online. The law around sexting goes like this

  • It’s against the law to send a sexual photo of someone under 18 (even yourself).
  • It’s against the law to send a sexual photo to someone under 18 (even if they ask for it).
  • It’s against the law to share someone’s nudes without their permission, no matter how old they are.
  • It is legal to sext someone if both of you are over 18 and both of you consent.

It seems strict but this is to prevent your picture from landing up somewhere you don’t want it. It’s always risky to send nudes or sexual photos, even if you trust the person completely. Perhaps their phone could get stolen or hacked or you could send it to the wrong person by accident! If they have the photo backed up online, it’s very easy to hack and steal.

To avoid getting into sticky situations, never take a photo that includes your face or identifying marks like tattoos. Also, think carefully about what’s in the picture behind you! Only ever send pictures to people you trust and never strangers. Remember, the law is there to protect you