All About Contraception

Contraception (birth control) is used to prevent you from getting pregnant. If you are having vaginal sex, and not looking to have a baby then this is something you should be using. There are two types of contraception method:

The Barrier Method creates a barrier between the sperm and the egg to prevent the egg from being fertilized.

The Hormonal method stops you from releasing an egg from your ovary in the first place and also thickens the mucus that lines the wall of your womb so that even if an egg was fertilized, it wouldn’t implant into the lining of the womb.

Some examples of the barrier method are:

  • Condoms (these cover the penis and catch the semen)
  • internal condoms (these go inside the vagina and catch the semen)
  • diaphragms and cervical caps (inserted into the vagina with a spermicidal gel to stop sperm from reaching the cervix)
  • The IUD or copper coil (inserted by a doctor into the cervix, this lasts for up to 7 years and kills the sperm before they make it into the womb)

Some examples of hormonal methods are:

  • The combined pill (a pill you take at the same time every day that contains oestrogen and progesterone)
  • The progesterone only pill (a pill you take at the same time every day)
  • The injection (relatively painless injection that a nurse gives you every 12 weeks)
  • The implant (a small piece of plastic inserted into your arm that releases hormones)
  • The IUS or hormonal coil (inserted by a doctor into the cervix, this lasts for up to 5 years and releases hormones more locally)

Each method has it’s pros and cons and most people have to try a few methods before they find what works best for them. It’s best to do some research and chat with a doctor or someone from Dhiverse to narrow down and find your best fit.