Natasha Amps

SLIP Programme Manager


Mobile: 07539 154586


Having gained experienced working in youth clubs across Leicestershire, working with NEET and homeless young people in Nottingham and managing a fantastic support group for LGBT+ young people in Leicester City Centre, I graduated from university with so much more than a degree certificate in Youth Work and Community Development. I moved back to Cambridgeshire with a passion for empowering young people to be the best they can be and a motivation to have a positive impact on young people’s lives. In 2016, I began focussing on young people’s mental health and spent the next 18 months working in a Cambian Assessment and Treatment Unit for young people with serious mental health and behavioural concerns. It was whilst working here, that not only did I learn an awful lot but that I became more aware of how many young people in today’s society are lacking an understanding about their own bodies and how they deserve to be treated. Dhiverse has an amazing ethos and allows young people to gain information about sex and relationships in a creative and innovative way; challenging the views of modern society and encouraging young people to think outside of the box. Being the SLIP Facilitator allows me to talk about my passions and interests all day in a safe environment with like-minded, caring and passionate team members. We continue to widen the minds of the young people throughout Cambridgeshire with the aim of encouraging a more accepting and diverse society.