Lucy Hills

Marketing & Events Manager


Mobile: 07904 337737

About: I was very fortunate to grow up in Tanzania and attend an International school as it opened my eyes to a variety of people and cultures. I completed all my schooling in Tanzania, and came to the UK to do my Undergraduate degree at Exeter University in Sport and Exercise Science. After my Undergraduate degree, I went travelling for a couple of years and in 2014, I started working for an organisation called ‘Shanga’ in Tanzania. Shanga is a social enterprise that creates hand crafted products to sell in Tanzania and all over the world. The workshop is comprised of more than 50 people, spread across five departments; weaving, tailoring, jewellery making, glass making and the metal department. The aim of Shanga is to employ and empower disabled Tanzanians, whom don’t get much of a chance in Tanzania, where for many years, a disability was seen as a curse. I was Workshop Manager with Shanga for over 2 years, where I learnt so much. Everyday was different and often challenging, but most weeks I would leave the office feeling very humbled and thankful. My partner then decided to start a PhD in Cambridge, so we moved over in the summer of 2016. I took on the Office and Information Manager role with Dhiverse in September 2016. Since then, I started my Masters in Marketing with Anglia Ruskin University and have been able to put my new skills to work as Marketing & Events Manager from June 2018. I have learnt so much about the importance of good sexual health and relationships since I joined. I love my work within Dhiverse and find I am learning every day. I enjoy being able to work in different areas within Dhiverse and I am so happy to be part of a great family of good people at Dhiverse.


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