Lindsey McAuley

ABC Project Facilitator


Mobile: 07496 525593

About: As an educational role player teaching communication skills, I was very interested in a volunteer admin role I saw advertised with Dhiverse in 2006. The role required someone with good communication skills and an interest in sexual health; both of which I had a keen interest in.  I took up the role which involved supporting the HIV team by organising events around Cambridge and the Fenlands and promoting HIV in the Workplace seminars.  Soon after, I was offered an employed role as C-Card Coordinator. After a couple of years I moved into the role of Office Manager, where I stayed until I left to do a degree in Writing and Film Studies in 2012.   However, I always kept in touch with Dhiverse and helped out with numerous projects during the holidays.  After completing my degree, I was asked if I would like to return to my previous role of Office Manager on a permanent basis.  In 2015, Dhiverse launched the ABC Project and having worked with and supported people with learning difficulties in the past, I was particularly interested in the role of ABC Project Facilitator.  After a knee-trembling interview in front of my colleagues (!) I was delighted to be offered the position.  The work can be challenging, especially when met with stigma surrounding the issue of people with learning difficulties having a sexual relationship, but the rewards are immense and I have worked – and continue to work – with fantastic clients who never fail to amaze and amuse me.  I am delighted the Big Lottery has funded the project for another five years so that we can continue with the fantastic work support we offer.

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