Izzy Rose

Trustee & Childcare Practitioner

I am excited to be on the Board of Trustees for Dhiverse because of passion for sexual and reproductive health. I want to work in this field to help empower everyone regardless of identity to understand their own bodies and make a difference to people‚Äôs lives. Sexual health is an integral part of health that is stigmatised, and it is my aim to break down this barrier. In 2018 after leaving college having studied sociology, I had gained knowledge about the importance of education, relationships and how intertwined we are as people. I began working as a Childcare Practitioner as I wanted to make a difference to lives from the ground upwards. Having worked in various settings from that point with children from birth to secondary school, SEN children and children from different backgrounds I can see how sexual health and education is integral to a child’s health as a whole- no matter who they are, as they take this knowledge and understanding¬†into their adult lives. I cannot wait to collaborate with other like-minded individuals at Dhiverse and gain more knowledge and skills in the Sexual Health field.