Grant Chambers

Training & Health Promotion Manager


Mobile: 07496 525885


I have been working with Dhiverse, as a volunteer or employee, since 1994 – a large chunk of my adult life! Many things have changed since then – particularly for people living with HIV and members of sexual minorities. In 1994 there was no effective treatment for HIV, the infamous Section 28 was still in force, and there was no legal protection against discrimination based on HIV status.  However, from the very moment I joined Dhiverse the charity has been committed to an integrated approach to sexual health, which recognises the importance of breaking down the barriers of stigma and prejudice and ensuring that sexual health support and training is available to all. I particularly enjoy my role in developing and, partly, delivering our training and health promotion programme – as this enables us to reach out to communities that are not often heard.  Also, training and health promotion is not just about ‘delivering’ skills or information, it is about listening to needs and experiences, and raising one’s own awareness of problems and challenges which have lain undetected and unmet. I look forward to my third decade working for Dhiverse!