Emily King


Email: emily@dhiverse.org.uk

Mobile: 07522 485217

I have always had an interest in Psychology and the well-being of others, but it was not until I started training as a counsellor, that I soon realised how passionate I was about pursuing such a career. It has helped me understand myself on a deeper level and has helped me heal my own traumas. Being able to be someone, for someone else in their time of need is what motivates me. I am a fully qualified Integrative Counsellor, taking a holistic approach when working with others. Being able to work with Dhiverse allows me to work in an area of counselling in which I can personally relate to, but also their goals and what they set out to do matches me and something I truly support. Due to this wonderful opportunity, I am now able to learn and grow more professionally and personally, work with a supportive and lovely group of people and work alongside amazing clients.