Stigma and Prejudice

For many people living with HIV, fear or experience of stigma and prejudice can be a powerful barrier to ‘getting on and living your life’.

Medical treatments for HIV have improved enormously over the last few decades, but ingrained attitudes and stereotypes can prove more resistant to change.

Discrimination against people with HIV is unlawful in the UK.

People living with HIV can experience rejection and exclusion from family, partners, friends and colleagues if their HIV status is disclosed. They can also experience discrimination in the workplace, in housing provision, and in educational institutions.

Stigma can arise from many sources – misinformation, fear of infection, stereotyped judgements on the lifestyles of people living with HIV, and additional prejudices around groups with a high prevalence of HIV.

DHIVERSE challenges these barriers through supporting individual people living with HIV; offering workplace training on the rights of people living with HIV under the Equality Act (2010), and providing guidance to employers on how to incorporate HIV in employment/equal opportunity/diversity policies. DHIVERSE provides up-to-date training to dispel some of the myths which are still current around HIV transmission, campaigns throughout Cambridgeshire to challenge stigma around HIV, and supports national lobbying and campaigns, such as those of the National AIDS Trust, where appropriate.

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