GP’s and Dentists

HIV consultants will not prescribe medication which is not directly related to HIV. Therefore other health professionals including GPs and dentists will need to be involved in managing your overall health.

If you’re living with HIV, it’s a good idea to let all health professionals involved in the delivery of your health care know that you’re HIV positive. This is particularly important if you are on medication because drugs prescribed by your GP and dentist may interact with your HIV treatments. If your other health professionals are aware of your HIV, they will be able to research any possible drug interactions.

Many people are worried about confidentiality when disclosing their HIV status to other health professionals. It is important to understand that your GP and dentist will work to the same confidentiality guidelines as your HIV team.

You should not be treated differently because of your HIV status. For example, many people believe that if they disclose to their dentist they will be made to have the last appointment of the day. This is not the case as every patient should be treated exactly the same. If you were told this, DHIVERSE would be more than happy to support you in raising a complaint.

With your consent, your GP, dentist and HIV team will be able communicate with each other to ensure they provide you with the best health care possible.

DHIVERSE is here to support you in any decisions you make regarding your health care. Please contact us directly if you would like any further support.