FREE & Instant HIV Testing

Why should I have an HIV test?

Because it’s always better to know. Around a quarter of people living with HIV in the UK are unaware that they have the virus. There are now excellent treatments available for HIV infection, but around a third of HIV diagnoses in the UK are made after the best possible time to start treatment; this is referred to as ‘late diagnoses’. If you know that you have HIV you can take steps to avoid passing it on to other people and you can access effective treatments at the right time. So, if you think you might be at risk of HIV it’s better to take a test.

If you’re worried that you could have HIV, the sooner you’re diagnosed the quicker you can access treatment, so you can lead a full and healthy life. It’s important to get tested for HIV early because, although you might look and feel healthy, the infection will be damaging your health, and left undiagnosed you risk passing HIV on to others.

The HIV Insti test is a finger prick test with the result in 60 seconds. Our tests are done in a pleasant and relaxed environment by friendly and knowledgeable staff. Tests are confidential. Although testing with Dhiverse is FREE but we aren’t funded to provide this service and test kits cost us £7.50 each. This means that we are reliant on donations and fundraising to keep this service going.
A donation to cover the cost of the test would be really appreciated, but if you can’t afford a donation don’t worry – the most important thing is that you take the test!

We aim to give you an appointment within 1 working day

  • For HIV testing and sexual health screening at a sexual health clinic please contact iCash on 0300 300 3030

You can get a FREE & Confidential Instant HIV Test at DHIVERSE – no waiting, get the results straight away. Click here for further details.