1-1 Emotional Support

Living with HIV can be a difficult and stressful reality for many people. If you need someone to talk to we’re here.

Some people find 1-1 emotional support very helpful. Emotional support offered by DHIVERSE involves having regular chats with a support worker in a venue of your choice in an atmosphere where you feel able to discuss the things that are worrying you. For some people just being able to talk to someone who will listen, who understands and who won’t judge is enough. If you are HIV positive or you are affected by HIV e.g. a partner, family member, friend or carer we offer confidential and non-judgmental support on coming to terms with the diagnosis, personal issues and circumstances related to or affected by having HIV, fear or experience of stigma and discrimination, understanding terminology around HIV, adhering to medication.

We can also offer advice and support on how to deal with medical practitioners i.e. hospital/clinic staff, GP’s dentists; how to deal with and manage disclosure of your HIV.

In addition we work with you to increase your levels of self-esteem and confidence and assist you in empowering in making decisions regarding your future.

For more information or an informal chat about emotional support sessions please contact Lisa Helm-Cowley at lisa@dhiverse.org.uk or call or text Lisa on 07983 150 429

Lisa Helm-Cowley

HIV and Sexual Health Counsellor


07983 150 429