Debt advice

In the current economic climate many people are suffering with debt problems and are receiving threatening letters and phone calls and notices saying the bailiffs are calling or notices about court action. If you are HIV positive and also have debt problems it can all seem much worse than it really is and we can help.

We offer a free and confidential debt counselling service. We may be able to negotiate with your creditors for reduced monthly payments, or we may advise you apply for a Debt Relief Order (DRO). Everyone’s circumstances are different. We can help you prepare an individual Financial Statement and can set up an affordable debt payment plan. Not all debts are the same as there are priority debts and non-priority debts so we will explain how to deal with each one and will ensure you are able to comfortably afford to keep to a suitable debt plan.

If you’re having debt/financial problems don’t ignore them or worry alone; the sooner you contact us the better chance we have of helping you.

For more information please contact one of the HIV Support Team on 01223 508805 or email