Changing times for HIV

Changing Times for HIV
Over the last year there have been exciting new developments in the treatment of HIV. In particular, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the British HIV Association (BHIVA) have published new guidelines on beginning treatment based on the interim results of the START Study.

If you are interested these guidelines can be found at

A briefer and highly informative guide to recommended changes in treatment can be found at:

The key new development is that starting combination therapy for HIV is now recommended earlier rather than later, and should be offered as soon after diagnosis as is practicable. However it is still important to think about the effects of treatment and discuss them with your HIV doctor – in fact, good communication with your HIV doctor and support team is more important than ever before. As the range of treatments has widened, it’s even more important that you start on the combination which is most effective for you, and has the best profile in terms of side effects.
January 2016