HIV Support and Information

Information for referrers

At DHIVERSE we’ve been supporting people living with or affected by HIV for over 30 years. The aim of our service is to support people so that they feel empowered to make decisions and choices which enable them to move on to live a more confident and self-sufficient life and to self-manage both their condition and situation. We help them to recognise that although living with HIV can make life seem harder than it used to be, it doesn’t have to be that way and it is possible to live a full and rewarding life and to stay healthy with HIV.

IMPORTANT: We do not offer support with clinical, medical or in depth health issues. We are not qualified to do this and recognise that this is the role of health professionals. We are unable to provide specialist support with legal or immigration issues but we can provide information and signposting. We are also unable to provide hardship grants, crisis loans, help with travel costs or any type of direct financial support to our service users. However, we are able to assist with making applications to grant giving organisations.

In line with our ‘Information Governance’ policy and the GDPR 2018 we will not collect any information about our service users other than what is necessary to ensure they get the best and most appropriate support. Therefore we no longer require a referral form for people needing our HIV Support Service. At the point of referral we only require basic information because any other information we might require will be collected from them, with their consent when they meet with us. However, if you are making a referral on behalf of another person you must send an email to our secure email This is also the information we will ask you if you for if you are self-referring. The email should state:

1. That the person has agreed to the referral and agreed to be contacted by Dhiverse

2. The reason the person would like support from Dhiverse

3. The name of the person who has agreed to be referred

4. A telephone number that we can call the person on

NB Emails to are picked up regularly and we aim to offer an appointment within 5 working days of receipt of the email or contact made by self-referrer.

For further information about making a referral or about the service you can call our HIV Support Lead on 07983 150524 or 01223 508805 or visit our website at