Sexual Health Week 12th – 18th September 2016

Sexual Health Week 2016

Dhiverse Supports the FPA’s 2016 Sexual Health Campaign

The focus for Sexual Health Week 2016 is taking a ‘back to basics’ look at Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), raising awareness about where to test, encouraging condom use and busting some common myths. To help support Sexual Health week, please print off and display the attached poster and please contact us if you would like us to send you hard copies of the poster.

In 2015, there were more than 435,000 STI diagnoses in England, and rates across the UK remain high compared to other countries in Western Europe.

Although many young people learn about STIs at school, this isn’t consistent and is often just biological, which means infections may not be discussed in the context of enjoying safer sex and relationships.

It’s not just young people at risk of STIs; diagnoses among older age groups have been increasing in recent years. We know it can be difficult for people of any age to talk openly about using condoms or getting tested and it’s often more challenging for older people. Our aim over the coming months and beyond is to work to change this and to help raise awareness amongst older people and generally. We also aim to offer better age appropriate support and information.

Throughout Sexual Health Week, Dhiverse will be participating in and hosting a variety of activities across the county (click on the link below for details). We will also have staff on hand at our office all week to provide further advice and information about different STIs and to provide free-of-charge chlamydia and HIV testing.

Watch members of our team on Cambridge TV talking about Sexual Health Week

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