HIV Information

What is HIV and how is it transmitted?  There is a lot of information available about HIV, particularly on the Internet, and at times this can be conflicting, overwhelming and confusing. HIV is a virus which attacks and weakens the immune system. The immune system is the body’s natural defence that protects it against disease and ill health.   HIV…

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Gay & Bi Men Support & Events

Interact is a regular get together for Gay and Bi men.  You can attend any event for as long as you want i.e. you can drop in, stay for the whole event, come to every event or just occasionally. It’s a safe, friendly and relaxed space where you can talk about your experiences, find out about what community events…

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Sexual Health Information

Contraception Emergency Contraception STIs Condoms Sexual Consent Sexual Health Clinics near you HIV Resources For advice, information, and support on any general sexual health issue please contact any of the DHIVERSE team on 01223 508805 or email

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