Our Team

Sharron Spindler


Email: sharron@dhiverse.org.uk

Lucy Hills

Office and Information Manager

Email: lucy@dhiverse.org.uk

Grant Chambers

Training and Health Promotion Lead

Email: grant@dhiverse.org.uk

Graham Lewis

Health Promotion Worker (MSM + BAME)

Email: graham@dhiverse.org.uk

Lisa Helm-Cowley


Email: lisa@dhiverse.org.uk

Naisha Parkins

HIV Support Worker- Peterborough & Cambridgeshire

Email: naisha@dhiverse.org.uk

Liz Mackenzie

ABC Programme Manager

Email: elizabeth@dhiverse.org.uk

Debbie Drew

ABC Programme Facilitator

Email: debbie@dhiverse.org.uk

Lindsey McAuley

ABC Programme Facilitator

Email: lindsey@dhiverse.org.uk

Emma Dyson

ABC Programme Facilitator

Email: emma@dhiverse.org.uk

Rosie Childs

ABC Programme Assistant

Email: rosie@dhiverse.org.uk

Meg Veit

Young People’s Service Lead

Email: meg@dhiverse.org.uk

Sarah Khan (formerly Cloughly)

Young People's Service Worker

Email: sarah@dhiverse.org.uk

Boban Gacov

Young People's Service Worker

Email: boban@dhiverse.org.uk

Natasha Amps

SLIP Programme Facilitator

Email: natasha@dhiverse.org.uk

Maria Aleksandrova

SLIP Programme Administrator

Email: maria@dhiverse.org.uk