These are just some of the ways you could help us raise much needed funds:


image04MUFTI OR FANCY DRESS DAY – Hold a mufti day at school (or even in your workplace!)and donate the proceeds to Dhiverse.



image05CAKE BAKE – Hold a cake bake and donate the proceeds to Dhiverse or let us hold one at your event, school or organisation!




image06RED RIBBONS -Sell red ribbons; any time of the year but particularly around World AIDS Day, 1st December.



image07SIMPLY DONATE – You could donate online; send a cheque; set up a standing order or simply drop off your jar of change! Any donation, however small, is really appreciated.


For information on how you could get involved in any of the above or if you have any fundraising ideas please contact us on 01223 508805 or email