HIV Insti Testing

Why should I have an HIV test?

Because it’s always better to know. Around one in 10 people living with HIV in the UK are unaware that they have the virus. There are now excellent treatments available for HIV infection, but over a third of HIV diagnoses in the UK are made after the best possible time to start treatment. If you know that you have HIV you can take steps to avoid passing it on to other people and you can access effective treatments at the right time. So, if you think you might be at risk of HIV it’s better to take a test.

The HIV Insti test is a finger prick test with the result in 60 seconds. Our tests are done in a pleasant and relaxed environment by friendly and knowledgeable staff. Tests are confidential. Our HIV Insti testing service is funded through a ‘Big Lottery Awards for All’ grant so tests are FREE. However you can always make a donation to Dhiverse to help support all our work.

To book at test please call 01223 508805 or email

We will aim to give you an appointment within 1 working day

Appointments are available between 10am and 5pm Monday to Thursday and 10am to 2pm on Fridays.

For HIV testing and sexual health screening at a sexual health clinic please contact iCash on 0300 300 3030

To read our insti test factsheet Click here for further details.